Carrie Ingoglia Yoga
Carrie Ingoglia Yoga
Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher

Ayurvedic Yoga & Meditation


Private Ayurvedic Yoga Teaching

Trend-proof practice. Individual instruction.

In one-on-one sessions, we’ll use the tools of Ayurveda (translated as ‘science of life’) to adjust your yoga practice based on the season, time of day, season of life, and basic doshic imbalances. 

  • First time consultation - Free

  • Private sessions - $100/hr

  • Small group classes - $200/hr


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I have taken hundreds of yoga classes over the last 15 years and rate Carrie as an +A teacher - she customized the class perfectly for me given my advanced yoga experience and long term injuries.”
— Scott B, Investment Sales
Carrie is probably the most approachable Yoga teacher I’ve ever met. I learn something new every time we practice together.
— Jill B., Yoga Teacher and Certified Health Coach
As someone who has little experience with yoga, Carrie made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in an unfamiliar environment. She was very attentive in a nurturing way. She has tons of practical suggestions with real-life applications.
— Christina, Teacher & Mother of two