Take a deep breath.


Yoga offers skills we can use in the real world - like being able to breathe, to put some space between our actions and our emotions - and helps us cultivate skills  to live efficient lives both physically and emotionally. 

And we need those skills because the world is a crazy place. 

Here's an example:  Your human body is made of systems and chemicals. The nervous system was built to respond to life-threatening danger, like a tiger in the jungle. These days, we flee fewer tigers than we used to. Instead, the nervous system response to emails and CNN and social media. 

The stress of every day life - like traffic or Twitter - fires off the exact same reaction in the body as the stress of imminent danger.

The body can't tell the difference between a tiger and a tweet. 

Yoga - postures, breathwork,  meditation - all help balance the stress response so we don't go around freaking out all the time. 

Twitter never stops. So we need to figure out how to breathe. We need to build resilience and yoga can help.


Carrie Ingoglia, E-200/500 RYT

Carrie Ingoglia, E-200/500 RYT and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, is known for her accessibility, humor and compassion. A warrior for the breath, she sees yoga, meditation and breath-work as nothing less than real-world survival skills.

Carrie teaches at Pranavah Studio in Long Island City, Queens + at workshops and retreats. She is also the writer and producer of the podcast, Yoga For the Revolution.

An award-winning Copywriter and Creative Director, she has also worked in digital marketing for 15 years.