Personal Yoga Coaching

There are fitness coaches, why not a coach for your yoga practice? I lead private or small group classes in your home or building fitness area. One-on-one time gives us the opportunity to focus on alignment, spend time on the breath and work to set up your daily meditation practice. Please contact me for more information and to schedule an introductory  session.

Corporate Yoga

Work/life balance isn't all about Summer Fridays or a ping pong table in the lounge.

Sometimes it means learning skills to be healthier, calmer, and more focused in the midst of a corporate environment that expects more screen time, more brain space, and more creative problem solving every day. 

I teach real-life, simple-to-use skills - like yoga, breath work, and meditation - that bring the body back from fight-or-flight and into a more focused and productive state of mind.

Please ask about our special rates for NGOs as well as volunteer and non-profit organizations.